How to speed up your computer (Part 2)

Check out my new channel: READ THIS DESCRIPTION (IMPORTANT) This is the absolute complete guide in speeding up your computer. I felt I was keeping a lot of other things to myself in my other video, so I decided to make a new one. Remember that these were done in windows XP but most of them are also applicable to windows Vista. For Vista users, stay away from the registry tweaks and services. If you want more tutorial videos, just say, I may just listen depending on the amount. My computer system (Yes it sucks but it’s all I have for now, can’t always get everything you want) Computer System: DELL Optiplex GX110 Operating System: Windows XP Professional Service pack 2 Processor: Pentium III 863 MHZ Memory: 256 RAM If you find the video was sluggish take these things into consideration Summary 1. Install Software you use and remove the unneeded 2. Keep your desktop clean 3. Uncheck network folders and printer 4. Reduce recycle bin size 5. Reduce system restore size 6. Disk cleanup 7. Disk defragmentation 8. Configure your performance settings 9. Configure your desktop settings 10. Remove unnecessary startup items 11. Check for viruses and spyware 12. Disable unneeded services 13. Registry tweaking (Dangerous) 14. Registry cleaning (Dangerous) Help links 1. Services description: Download links 1. My tutorial text file (updated slightly): 2. CCleaner: Video background music (Apparently blocked by youtube

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How to speed up your computer (Part 2)

The Importance Of Video Marketing & Things You Should Know About B2B Video Marketing

By Irina Kesova

You have to admit that it is hard to stay afloat with the many forms of marketing options for your business. With a variety of options of marketing you may come to think why choose video marketing against the other means of getting your business known. It is a good inquiry worth of careful thinking.

But before you understand why video marketing is so effective for your business, you need to first understand what it is and what it entails It is not as difficult as you think it is, it can be good news to people who are not adept to the idea of making a short video about their business. Consider some of the tips on this topic, and then see for yourself if this type of marketing is not for you.

An actual video is not necessary if you are considering what success video marketing can bring for your business. Putting together different photos of your product can be used as a shrot movie running as moving slideshow. You can work on a video with just a person speaking and no movement or background music whatsoever.

Ther are a lot of reasons why video marketing can contribute to your business’ sucess and this is one of them. You just need the basic computer skills to make a video, but of course the more you spend on the product the more the video will be of high quality.

How Can You Execute Video Marketing?

You can use video marketing in a lot of ways which makes it so successful. Through a video placed on your site you can make sales pitches and introduce the new products.

You can also use a video on other sites as well Do you own a Facebook account?? Its a great way way to find prospective customers and that is why many businesses do so. You can add a video to this type of account; you can also maintain other social networking sites or have an account on YouTube Your video can send individuals to your website, and this is why video marketing works so well on these sites

Today what people enjoy are animated pictures with sound effects which makes video marketing good for many. It is eye-catching and helps to really drive home a point to potential customers The retention about your products is much higher even if they do not understand too well how it works. They are cheaper to work with than television commercials. Why consider video marketing for your business? Video marketing can increase you online and offline success as it is affordable and effective.

Businesses nowadays uses B2B video marketing by placing them on their web pages as well as on traffic rich sites. This can be a great marketing campaign strategy as it’s a way to showcase different products or services, or to talk about sales and specials or reasons to buy.

B2B video marketing can be maximize in a lot of ways aside from posting it on a website. For that, here are easy guides that you can use.

A lot of sites are also meant to host accounts for articles or videos.Do some research on such sites so you can use them for search engine optimization with your B2B video marketing.

It is highly important that videos are catchy and interesting if they will be used for B2B video marketing.You don’t want it to look like a child’s school project or a home movie, but it can still be eye-catching with interesting elements.

A good output will often have factors like catchy tune, creative background, and seamless picture movement.People must watch this video to make it effective.Take an objective look at your video and compare it with others you see online and on other sites similar to yours.Does your video seem too loud, too bright, or too amateurish?Can this video communicate the message and gives a good retention level?Effective B2B video marketing means a quality video that communicates clearly, not necessarily a slick one that is full of too many elements.

Never start a B2B video marketing project without identifying your audience.Every group must be treated on special terms such as students, parents, or professionals like lawyers.One person might be looking for work-related products while the other is searching the web for summer getaways.It is easy to tell if B2B video marketing is a success by the way it captures the interest of the appropriate set of audience.

By taking these advice into account, your company can rake all the benefits of B2B video marketing.

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The Importance Of Video Marketing & Things You Should Know About B2B Video Marketing

Online Video Marketing – Emailing Your Video

By Lorraine Grula

Video is a proven online marketing winner. Over and over again, video has shown itself to be superior over other methods of online communication. So obviously, being able to email your list a video is high on many people’s priority lists. Problems is, how do you do it?

Video files are WAY to big to send with emails as a standard attachment. Unless your video file is extremely small, I would not advise attempting to email it like you do a still picture or document attachment.

Generally, most videos that do get emailed are in the form of a .wmv file. This stands for Windows Media Video and is one of the smallest video files. It also has pretty bad resolution, which is why it is so small. So for that reason,.wmv videos that get emailed are usually jokes and not professional videos.

Most internet video sharing sites will let you email video, but you can not import a large list, you can only send it to a few people at a time. What does get sent is usually a link to the video, not the video itself. so if this method is good enough for You Tube, it is good enough for you.

What about embed code, you ask? Embed code is generally how you put video onto a website. So will it work in an email? Unfortunately, no. It’s not a good idea to add the embed code into your email the same way you embed it into a web page. This is because both ISPs and email software block video embed code so chances are high your email will not get through and it will not play.


The easiest way to email your video is to email a link to your video and not the video itself. So if your video is hosted by You Tube, send the link to the You Tube page that contains your video. This is how You Tube does it if you use their share video feature.

A text link would be added just like any other text link, with hyperlinked keywords or HTML messages. A full URL address would need to be used for a plain-text email message.

Of course, many people might think mailing out just a link is too boring. Well, maybe so. To make it look more exciting, use an image link instead of just a test link. The still image will appear to be a video player in your email, but it’s not really, it is just the thumbnail.

To do this with an auto-responder service, you need to upload the still image to your website image folder and put a link to that image inside your email message. That should automatically show when someone opens the email. (Not always though, some email clients block images.) So make sure you give your image a title that will make it understood even if the image is blocked. Click here to watch the video would work.

Doing it this way is probably the single best way, although it can get a bit tricky. Including the thumbnail as a still image and having it be an active link to the actual video is the best way to email your video without emailing your video, if that makes sense.

The thumbnail image is instantly recognizable as a video, a plain link is not. So including the thumbnail will instantly tell anyone who opens the email that it contains video whereas if you just have a link, that won’t happen.

E-mailing a video is a good idea though, either way. Mailing out the link to the video is certainly better than not using video at all.

Thanks for reading Video Production Tips

Lorraine Grula

Internet Video Gal

About the Author: If you want to learn how to make video you will find all the free information you need at Lorraine Grula’s blog,


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Online Video Marketing – Emailing Your Video

How to Design and Customize You Tube Channel In this video you going to learn how customize your you tube homepage and design your channel. Hi Guys, This is your host here, Thurai From This is follow up video on our previous video related to how we going to upload video into you tube account ok.. In this video, what you going learn is how to change your channel, design channel for your you tube account..ok Let us proceed now here, how to design your channel. Now i already sign to you tube account here ok..You can see under your name a drop down menu account, my vidoes, favourites. What you need to do is you need to click on this link my account. So when you click on this account, it goes to your account homepage whereby you can setup on your profile itself ok. You see not even loaded up your picture yet so you can put your own picture so you can make more impression from the youtubers meaning that from the people who watch your video they know who are rather than just like static image ok Then you can go to profile setup over here whereby you can enter your details about yourself what you being doing, If you have an website you can enter website URL over here. Then you can enter your personal details like first name, last name, Gender and everything. Let me just put sample for you test, test ok, test, last name test ok…Relationship status you put either taken, open or single its up to you. Then Home Jobs/Career everything you can put it here. Education as well interest you are

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How to Design and Customize You Tube Channel